Casino Marker / Bad Check

Las Vegas is known for several things throughout the world. The most prominent among them is gambling. Every year, millions of people frequent Las Vegas’ many casinos and resorts with the hopes of winning big or simply having fun. This is a billion dollar a year industry and the lifeblood of the city.

With the large amount of gamblers, there is a new legal problem that casino owners and the city of Las Vegas encounter. Common casino related offenses include:

Because Las Vegas depends on the revenue and tourism generated by gambling, these are crimes that are punishable as both criminal and civil offenses. This is unique to Nevada, even though there are other states that have legalized gambling. The Nevada state legislature enacted laws to even make failure to repay casino debt a felony offense, which is on par with local laws for writing bad checks.

Casinos are serious about prosecuting individuals who commit fraud or who do not pay debt. An unpaid marker charge may even result in warrants being issued. This can be extremely problematic for tourists, many of whom come from out-of-state.

Las Vegas casino debt attorney Joel M. Mann can provide you with additional insight into your situation, including the foundation for a solid defense strategy during a free initial consultation. It can be highly beneficial to have an experienced attorney at your side, especially if you have prior related convictions or are an out-of-state tourist. These are not crimes that are taken lightly in Nevada, so make sure you are taking every precaution necessary to fight your charges. Call 702-474-6266 for more information.

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