Nevada DUI

Driving under the influence (DUI) is among the most common criminal offenses in Las Vegas – a vibrant city with an active nightlife and high level of alcohol consumption by residents, out-of-state visitors, and international guests. Given the amount of drunk driving or driving done under the influence of illegal drugs, this is a criminal offense that is not taken lightly by local Las Vegas Police or Nevada Highway Patrol.

A DUI arrest does not indicate guilt or mean that you will be convicted of any crime. There are many factors surrounding your case that can help you fight for dropped charges or reduced sentencing. Everything from the manner in which the driver was pulled over to investigation procedure and evidence gathering can have an impact. Criminal defense attorneys use these details to fight for the best outcome in court.

In Nevada, there are many issues that individuals should understand regarding DUI arrests. This includes:

DUI offenses, even for first time offenders, can carry serious repercussions. It can affect the current employment for individuals carrying commercial driving licenses or who work in sensitive fields, such as transportation, law enforcement, or medicine. For others, it can limit future employment or housing opportunities, where background checks are typically conducted. Even college students can experience the fallout after a DUI, which can potentially result in academic probation or expulsion.

As a Las Vegas DUI attorney, Joel M. Mann assists with all matters of driving under the influence offenses. This includes emergency bond hearings, license revocation hearings, and aggressive legal representation. Learn more about your legal options during a free consultation. Call 702-474-6266 to get started.

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