Drug Crimes

While Las Vegas is known internationally as the city of bright lights and entertainment, it does not treat drug crimes leniently. Law enforcement officials are vigilant in trying to maintain a healthy and safe environment for the millions of guests from around the globe who visit the city each year. This means that criminal offenses for the possession, use, and sale of illegal substances can bring harsh penalties.

There are many types of controlled substances which bring misdemeanor or felony offense penalties in Nevada. Among the most common drug related criminal offenses are:

The various drug offenses can result in strict sentencing in certain circumstances, such as if there was a minor involved, prior drug related convictions, and the amount of illegal drugs discovered. However, there are also other factors that can be used to be benefit of the individual accused of a crime.

Illegal searches by law enforcement, police misconduct, and improper investigation procedures can be grounds for a motion to dismiss the case or a motion to suppress evidence. There are other tactics that an experienced Las Vegas drug attorney may use to build a strong defense in court.

A drug conviction, especially for felony offenses, can be a large roadblock in a person’s future employment and housing options. Criminal defense attorney Joel M. Mann will aggressively fight for your future or that of your loved one. He has represented men, women, and minors throughout the Las Vegas area for years in drug-related offenses. Call 702-474-6266 today to learn more during an in-depth consultation.

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